Cochran's is now an authorized Allen Datagraph dealer

Proudly made in the USA

We offer assistance and technical support for all cutters purchased through us.  There are 2 different cutter models, depending on your needs:

315 GTS 3 (1).jpg

The iTech 315 GTS OS is designed specifically with the cemetery letterer in mind  

  • On-Site model is meant to take on the road with you
  • Cuts 15" punched stencil
  • Table Top model includes roll holder tray only
  • Uses 45 or 60 degree knife blades
  • Two outlets on the power inverter allow you to operate both the cutter and a laptop, drawing power from a generator or your vehicle battery
  • Includes sturdy, hard shell case for on the go!
  • Worry Free 2 year Manufacturer's Warranty

iTech 315 GTS OS $5,995.00


 iTech 536 GTS - with touch screen controls

  • Cuts 15" to 30" stencil
  • Uses 45 or 60 degree knife blades
  • Fricton-fed and sprocket dual-drive to ensure accurate tracking
  • Pinch wheels to ensure proper alignment
  • USB cable or Ethernet connection
  • Includes Deluxe Media Stand
  • Touch screen controls with diagnostics
  • Joystick movement
  • Worry Free 2 year Manufacturer's Warranty

iTech 536 GTS $9,795.0


Cochran's Laser

Complete Set-Up Package:

2 Steel plates

4 Wooden blocks

10 feet of conveyor

2 sets of jacks

Portable compressor

28 Cochran's Laser Designs (Brochure 11)

Design Software

5 Days Laser Portrait and Design Creation Training in Barre, VT

Cochran's Lasers come with 5, 8, or 12 foot tracks and can all etch areas 5 foot wide.  Each 30 Watt laser has an Auto Safety Shut Off and automatically tracks to the last line etched for a quick and easy restart even in the middle of an image! Queue multiple stones and let your laser run for the day!

Lasers can be purchased as-is delivered from the factory, or we can provide pricing on a Complete Set-Up Package. 

LASER 1.jpg

Please call our office for pricing and information



See our laser in action: